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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Powder Mountain Oct 30

Cody Lee and Myself decided to see how much snow Powder had left this past Saturday. And it turned out that there was just enough to have a little session with this here corrugated tube! We also invented this sweet game "SWITCH" where two or more folks go through the switch trick list with each person only aloud two tries per trick. If the trick isn't landed with-in to tries, the person gets a letter. First to spell switch loses and has to buy the winner a drink, donut, or pizza etc. But as fate would have it  Cody and I managed to play the game as long as we could with out getting either person out! So to say the least our "Switch" game was on that day!

Below are some pics of that enjoyable day!
Edit Coming Soon!

Cody Switch Backlip 

Tristan Switch Back Blunt

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