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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day to Night

Monday night Ogden received more snow than expected, which meant one thing, time to stack some more footage! Seeing that the weather has been completely bi-polar lately (50 plus degrees in January), we decided to make the most of the 3 inches of snow in town while it lasted.
      The session didn't get rolling until around 2pm, due to school taking up our lives, and lasted to about 9:45pm.. A good solid 7 and a half hour session between all of us. The Crew consisted of Cody Lee, Jordan Noe, Tristan Sadler, and Mitch H. and lets just say some bangers were thrown down as well as a N.B.D

Here are some pics to contrast Day and Night.


  1. looks like a super fun rail, i made a blog after seeing yours, thanks for the idea!