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Sunday, January 16, 2011

PoPo 5-0 5-0

I've got respect for cops, they've gotta do their job and we've gotta do ours. It's a mutual agreement that we might have some conflict of interests while hitting rails. But this particular officer was chill at first and then got really offended when Tristan slid down the bank on his snowboard rather than walk down the ice covered steps.... He didn't like my comment that it was probably safer to heel down the little hill rather than try and walk down where one might slip and fall-but he claimed that snowboarding down was "much more dangerous" and that "we can't have any of that on campus."

It was pretty clear he didn't like us, and didn't like being filmed so we'll stay away from this guy for a while. If you're ever up at Weber State watch out for the cop with the nasty, nasty teeth.

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