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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Da Streetz FAIL

Even with everything perfect about the most recent spot we found, it turned out to be pretty horrible. Evan got the rail first try, but we didn't even have a camera out yet. Next, we got a few shots and then the battles for tricks began. Cops show up, tow truck is in the parking lot, owner of the apartments is outside and furious all within what seemed like seconds.
After talking to the cops and the owner nicely for a bit, they cooled down and she (the owner) let the tow truck guys decide what they wanted to do. Normally, they'd tow the cars and make us pay the $75 each, but the man gave us a break and let the cops do their thing. Brief discussion with the cop and he tells us that he had planned on ticketing us all, towing the cars, and getting us for trespassing. But somehow we got away clean, ID's were taken to make sure we aren't felons and we all checked out.
Turned out to be a successful day despite the chaos that could've gone down.

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