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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Last Weekend Pow Adventure

Last weekend Jordan Noe, Evan Drage, Matt E Ryan, Cooper Thomas, and myself decided to take a walk up through a canyon to check the possible lines and maybe shred on some of them if need be. Here are some photos for your enjoyment and yes we did stack some solid footage if you wondering.

Base Camp 


Evan in a very wild situation 

Evan escaping that wild situation 

Film Creds

Heres the whole line that Evan Dropped


After 2nd drop evan was hit his head off of a rock and here is the evidence with the dent in his helmet.
Wear a Helmet Kids! 

More Film Creds

Cooper and Evan Hiking a Tree Gap

Matt E Ryan Getting Deep in the Pow 

A Fresh Method over the Tree Gap from Cooper

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  1. one day I will be as good as you all! then maybe I could get a video part that would be sick -Levi