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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Colorado Mega Post

Had a busy weekend. We (Evan Drage, Austin Norlin, and myself) left Thursday night for Copper, got in at 4am. Hung out in Copper for a day, met up with Paul Heran and Sammy Spiteri while they did their Am Throwdown video. Registered for the CBS College Sports ALT Games, and consequently realized that we didn't need to buy lift tickets which meant steak dinner courtesy of Weber State.

We woke up hella early, did a contest on a sketchy course. Met up with Idaho friend Nick Hugues and made some new friends too. The contest ended up sucking, hot snow came in after our qualifier runs which left us just enough speed to make it up to the knuckles of the jumps. But we had fun, and more importantly we mobbed back to Park City to ride closing day with all the homies.

PC was a blast, check out the shades n shorts edit if you haven't already, and we ended the season with good friends and even better sunburns.

Here are some photos
Colorado Tunnels

We had some really good steaks

I was so pissed about this. Tindys are NOT cool and that is NOT me

Apparently this is Steven Jesionowski. But I distinctly remember doing the same thing and wearing the same kit...

We skated the mini bowl at Woodward's Cage

Austin learned how to drop in and rock to fakie

Much needed break in the middle of nowhere

Gettin artsy

Aftermath of shorts n shades

Evan's is by far the best

Austin droppin trow as usual. He also forgot his shoes at the hotel-we made him put them in the drawer because of the smell. The cleaning ladies are gonna be psyched!

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