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Monday, April 11, 2011

Screengrabs from Snowbasin

Edit coming soon, here's a preview of the best day we've all ever had. It must really suck for those that decided to sleep in and procrastinate homework instead of riding with us...

The view from halfway down our favorite run. We were the only tracks, ALL DAY.

Tristan getting his

Jumping off of rocks

We even hit the pipe at the end of the day

Cheez throwing doubles in the pipe

I got above the deck for once


Me, no description needed

Wiped my goggles off so much yesterday that there's a permanent smear on my lens. No lie

Corey's epic shot.

Cheeseburger front 3 off one of the cat-tracks

Evan sending some more

Tried some doubles, this one didn't work out so well

Tristan is about 25 feet away and buried Corey with this slash

Cheez got deep in that bush mate

And we hit the rails once or twice too.

Video coming soon

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