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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Board Fixin' Season

It's the end of the regular season, and with that comes broken boards, shattered egos, and the coming of summer snowboarding. So before I make my way out to Oregon, I started on a few projects to fix up some boards that I beat up during the season.

Board #1
DC wood core prototype 153
Loved it, and it saved my life. Took a hard fall on a handrail-caught on a 270, landed on my neck on the rail, hit stairs, hit the other rail, and ended up at the bottom in a daze. I was fine, but the board took the hardest impact and was un-rideable as you can see.
I tried to hammer it back in, but it wasn't going anywhere and ended up as some dorm room art for the rest of the season. Once I got home, it was time for a fixin'

After pulling the edge out and tweaking it back to shape, we hammered it into the core and with some help from gorilla glue and these vice grips, it set in nicely. 

Fixed! Board is now ready to ride again with some minor defects.

Vice grips are really strong, check out those new dents.

Board #2
DC Tone 149
Verdict: Edge broke while hitting a knobbed rail. Edge was completely ripped out while firecracking said rail's stairs.

The chunk was big enough to scare me away from using the board any longer this season. But besides this and the base damage from stair rides, the board is fine.

P-Tex to the rescue. First, I dulled the edge around the breaks to make it less catchy. Then with a razorblade I shaved off the bump from the compressed edge to get it as smooth as possible. Finally I went to The Nayborhood where the owner Chris had some P-Tex sticks and we filled in the core shot. Thanks Chris!

2 boards fixed and ready for summer shredding.

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