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Friday, June 10, 2011

This is Hayley, and lets face it, how often do you see a girl on a skateboard? Not only is she talented on a board, but she's also a shredder during the winter months! Be sure to be on the lookout for new photos of her here and there over the next few months of summer, as well as a spot in The BIGGEST Letdown of The Year! Keep shreddin' Haley!

Oh, and shout out to David Wolowski for taking and editing these shots!


  1. Hayley, is the best girl skater i know within 50 miles of my area. keep doing it because you love it Hayley not just because your on top.

  2. She deserves a real photographer, but she rocks!

  3. Define a real "photographer." Just cause you have a beef with Dave, doesn't mean you need to get on here and say shit. Grow the fuck up. You're 22 years old. Deleting your "friends" off of Facebook is real fucking mature. I guess it is true what they say. Haters are gonna hate. But from my personal experiences, haters usually have a day job that doesn't involve just sitting on the computer following what 4 people say and do like it's your fucking business. Grow a set and come down to the "ghetto" we call home and voice your fucking opinion like a man. Douche.

  4. Thanks, Roy. I appreciate that. And as for, Anonymous, thanks for the compliment, but don't be dissing Dave. The pictures are badass, he did a great job.

  5. 50-50 and last rock to fakie could have been shot a little better, but I am picky. Also, it looks like this Hayley girl is pretty darn good. Hope to see an edit soon. That is MY opinion. ;-)