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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Good Things...

...Come to an end. It's a saying that everyone has heard at least once in their life. In this case, the good thing is our friend Sean Rudnik. Sean and his girlfriend Ashley both decided to make the move out the the West Coast (Tahoe to be exact) for school. They're both living their dreams! Last night was Sean's last night in town and we sent him off with the best of a bang that we could by having a massive fire and a good old warehouse session. Sean, I've known you all my life. You're a very talented skateboarder, snowboarder, and more importantly than either of those, a good friend. It really is sad to see you leave the East Coast, but when life calls you to bigger and better things, nothing and no one should hold you back. Wishing you the best of luck with everything you and Ash decide to do in life man, and remember, you've ALWAYS got your homies back here on the East Coast!

Love ya Sean! Best of luck again man!

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