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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Comments of the Day

If haven't seen yet, Cody and I have been posted up on People's Court on Yobeat. You can go and vote for who you think should win and while you do it leave us a wonderful, hateful, funny, and enjoyable comment for us to laugh at and we may just post it up on here... So here are some recent comments that we like.. 

Film Burns are Officially "Not Cool" Brrrahhhhh

I thought Sherman Poppen did? I guess not,  oh and thanks for the respect fishmonkey

This actually could be considered truth, and what is Hot Topic Music??

It looks like I shouldn't snowboard anymore, thank you "umm" you have opened my eyes. I QUIT! 

Never would of guessed, thanks Jerm. Cody is an Old Fart. 

At least I got one vote, and it wasn't because of the snowboarding. 

Tristan wins by default. HA 

Ian is the man, and yes this is truly high school dramatic BS

Indian, we agree. Send it to a kid in Africa.

Well lets not go that far, his back 7's are okay, but not Lago status. JK

Oh Eddie Willow, You are our Hero! 

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