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Monday, December 5, 2011

HBS weekend at Woodward

Fashionably late, as usual. Most of you are this close to being in the Christmas spirit and here comes a little piece of Halloween... all over again. Whether you partied a little too hard, or got a little too hopped up on sugar, I think we're all okay with watching it come and go and cycling through the rest of the holidays before welcoming it back next year. But we're going to back track for just a second...

It's late October and since the summer months the Head Board Shop crew had been hearing of this mythical creature otherwise known as a free weekend at Woodward, compliments of Pittsburgh photographer Alex Papke and the Woodward guys, Dave Metty,
Jeffery Brockmeyer and Maverick.

We all received the call a few days before the weekend and dropped everything to make the trek from Pittsburgh, PA to the center of the state. Naturally some of us had to sacrifice Halloween plans to do so but I don't believe any of our plans mattered enough to turn away from the mythical creature that was: Head Board Shop's weekend at Woodward. Even Josh Radko, who was diagnosed with mono the morning of the trip didn't miss a beat. So while you reminisce on your past Halloween excursion, let us show you how we spent ours...

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