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Monday, February 6, 2012


Due to the little amount of snow that has been falling on Utah this year and considering none of us have a travel budget, we have been doing what we can do to get things done. Making little trips here and there and mainly getting the Ogden scene down before the snow melts. What we didn't expect was a drive through shooting to go down.

While driving back from a spot the other night my driver side window decided to randomly exploded all over me while driving about 20 mph. We are not sure if other crews are trying to take us out or not yet, but what we do know is that we may or may not have been shot at. Could it have been another film crew trying to get their shots? Could it have been a gang? The questions are endless. We are just glad everyone is okay and ready to film another day. here are some pics you can gaze upon. 

Shattered Glass Result in the drive through shooting
The Plastic, Duck Tape quick fix. 

The Shot. 

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