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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Am Throwdown Mega Post

Snowboard Magazine is doing a new contest called the Am Throwdown. One filmer and one rider submit a video and 5 finalists go to Copper mtn, Colorado to film another edit and and possibly win $5000.

I submitted a video, but didn't make top 10. So first, here's my entry, followed by my favorite entries which you can vote on right HERE

My edit. Single day at Park City with Tristan Sadler filming

My favorite edit of the finalists. Sammy Spiteri filmed by our buddy Paul Heran. Sick filming and really sick riding, all of the shots are urban and all of them are from this season unlike most of the other entries. I feel like these two deserve it.

Tyler Lynch kills it in his edit, I'd call it one of the better entries.

Ricky Bates was my coach at Windells before I was hired there. Rad dude and he kills it on the board. Surprised he didn't show a double backie in there, he's gotten really good at them lately.

Never heard of this guy Forrest Burki, but he sends it in powder. Looks like new footage, and check out how big he goes off of a cliff. Gnarly!

Summary of the Contest:
Looks like most of the entries are just shortened, muted video parts from last season (and one of them is a highlight reel of the last 3 or 4 seasons). There's a lot of variety in the riding, filming, editing, and feel in each edit so make sure you vote for your top 5 who will be sent to Copper for a chance at $5000. The Copper entries will be posted in mid april and it's a similar voting system.

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