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Friday, February 25, 2011

It Takes Time...

It's good to see all my west coast homies having a killer season out there. Judging by my lack of appearance I'd be willing to bet that yinz assumed the east coast fell off the map, that is if you even knew there was an affiliate of the east coast on this site. While Pennsylvania has seen some of the most consistent snow this winter it's also seen some pretty bitter weather. Negative temperatures haven't been uncommon, and single digit temps have been the norm. It's been an overly windy winter to add on top of all of that and, to make a long story short, cabin fever has set in and I'm thoroughly looking forward to skate season... That being said I wanted to post up a skate teaser from good friend Rese McGaughey for his full length "It Takes Time." So while all of you snow bunnies are dreading the end of the season, at least keep those chins up for some good ol' wheelie board action. Late!

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