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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Keep The Change--Not for Kooks

So Keep the Change dropped last week, and what followed was an extremely positive response from the core side of things (Yobeat, blogs, facebook, etc). 
On TWSnow however, the response was different.
Kooks from all over the nation were talking shit on the video and bringing us to question their level of skill and knowledge of snowboarding. 

Calling out the some of the best up and comers in the industry takes a serious level of ego or kook, I think most of these comments are coming from the kook side of things.

Ok, Bob. I don't think anybody agrees with you.
At least a few people knew what's up
Go check out the art of flight. sounds like more of your steeze
While I agree that Paxson and Biittner have some of the best style in snowboarding, the guys from KTC are doing some of the hardest tech rail tricks in the game, and they're doing them switch. Johnnie and Aaron are both at a point in their career where they're focusing more on backcountry anyway, leaving room for these guys to make their way up the snowboarding ladder.

The Transworld Snow Online Editor who POSTED THE VIDEO even made an appearance to drop some knowledge.

Luke also mentioned Phil Jacques, who has strikingly similar style to a bunch of these dudes..

Finally, legendary Jerm summed it all up.

And here's a snippet of the POSITIVE response coming from Yobeat.

KTC_MOVIE from Keep The Change on Vimeo.

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