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Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Look

Finally got a chance to see Good Look, and I was rather impressed. 
People Creative has clearly filled the shoes left empty by Mack Dawg a few years back. The catchy tunes, big name riders, and high production value make for a very watchable movie.

Lauri Heiskari opens it up with a standout part and probably one of the most stylish double corks I've ever seen. 

Joe Sexton has a solid offering, and though it doesn't top his ender part last year, he did work in the streets (including a textbook boardslide through a really steep triple kink).

Aaron Biittner teaches a lesson in style as usual. But he also throws a huge pow slash at two skiers from Snowbird. His street section is solid, and the gap over a fence to a down flat down rail was anything but mellow.

Other standouts were Eero Nemeila, JP Walker, and the ender, Eric Jackson.

EJack destroyed it this year.
He went absolutely huge in the backcountry, got buried on pillow lines, and took some notes from his brother (John Jackson) with 3 double corks-1 that was first try.

Go watch it! It's on iTunes and on DVD

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